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Wales Tantric Massage: Your Path to Enlightened Sexual Wellness


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Tantra has it’s roots the East and is an ancient spiritual pathway. Tantra needs only a willingness to explore yourself at various levels in the body, mind, soul and of course, sexuality.

Tantra is an embrace of our sexuality and the willingness to enjoy. 

Each body holds the key to its own healing and sexual exploration.  As a Tantric Massage Therapist, I provide the treatments, resources, and tools necessary to unlock the innate potential each of us holds inside. 

I work to create a safe and compassionate environment for you to discover what will help you lead a healthier and more relaxed life. You can live the life you want, and as your Tantric Massage Therapist, I’m here to support you along the way.

I provide sexual trauma therapy to help you rediscover intimacy after a traumatic event in your sexual past. I can also help you try to lead a normal sexual life again after an abusive relationship. 

People come to me for a variety of reasons:

  • Some are not sexually satisfied at home and crave a males hand to touch their body and restore their sexual energy

  • Some are lonely and need a man to spend time touching and caring for them

  • Others have had a bad experience or trauma in their sexual past, and need to overcome this.

  • And some love tantra and energy and love to feel their body change.

In fact here is a list of different types of client issues and problems that I work with. 

I combine massage and therapy to help. 

I exclusively work with female clients to bring a tantric experience. A sacred tantric experience awaits with my blindfold, feathers, teasing, body contact, and an orgasmic Yoni massage for female clients. 

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There’s nothing like fully unwinding yourself to a truly naturist massage experience. With a wide range of therapies available from sports massage to hot stone let me take care of you. I am a male therapist and work exclusively with females. 

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As a female traveller to Cardiff you can receive a visit from your therapist or a male and female therapist together to give you a relaxing and sexually awakening time. Forget about your conference as we run our hands Over your body and help you release tension. 

Hotel Room

If you would like to just relax without the pressures of being naked and just get to know your therapist this is a great relaxing massage to try. 

Hand Massage

If you have lost the art of love making and find it difficult to feel the lust and desire that you once had in the bedroom, regardless of the reason (e.g. boredom, extra marital affair, trauma) the couples therapy can help. We will discuss your concerns and current situation with an aim of finding a root cause. We will then set up pathways to overcome the issues and learn sensual massage to help you fully please your partner and focus on each other again. 

Distanced Couple
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Prices are straight forward. You pay for my time and the price structure is the same regardless of the type of massage/therapy or the location. 
The main exception is a general Swedish massage is set at £40 per hour. 

If outside of Cardiff I may add a travel fee. 
All other therapies :- 
1hour = £65. 
1.5hours = £125. 
2hours = £150. 
Book online. 


Tantric Touch Workshop

Learn over a weekend!

Come and learn the sensual art of Tantric Massage and touch over a blissful weekend.
Over this weekend you will be taught the skills of Tantric massage and Touch. We will discuss the chakras within the body, learn how to harness the energy systems to your advantage, gazing and meditation, full body massage, Yoni and Lingam massage.
Our workshops are clothing optional and touch is not essential, as you will work within your own boundaries.
Visis the event page for mote info!



To discuss your needs

Please use the contact form below, or email or Whatsapp. We can't respond to text message or withheld numbers. Please use Whatsapp. 07360158154


Your therapist

Male Tantric Massage Therapist

My journey into tantric therapy started 8 years ago when I first experienced an awakening session to learn the fundamentals of tantric work. Over the 8 years I have attended numerous sessions and now deliver online training as well as in person training in the UK. 
I’m in my mid thirties and extremely active. 

I have experience running a national training school where I taught bodywork therapy such as Swedish massage, hot stone massage, thai massage, Lomi Lomi and more. I regularly work in normal massage modalities to ensure I am fully experienced and up to date. 

I have studied and qualified in various therapy courses from crisis support to mental health disorders. I am not a psychologist but have worked alongside many. 

I am a male therapist and work exclusively with females, sometimes couples.