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What exactly is a Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage

Many ladies have been asking me to explain in a little more detail what to expect from a Tantric Massage session with me.

Firstly I want to say not everyone gets the same treatment, as it totally depends on the goals of the client. 

Some are here to re-energise their sexual desires and feel wanted.

Some come to just feel touched and cared for.

Others have had a bad experience and need to trust a man's touch once more.

And others feel like they have no sex appeal anymore and are feeling unloved at home with their partners.

So as you can imagine every single experience is different.


A tantric massage is a form of massage where I will use certain elements of tantra, to try to stimulate your erogenous zones. 

You'll usually be naked, although undress to your comfort level. It is performed on a massage bed.

I will massage you to relax you, and start to tease and arouse you.

A Yoni (vagina) massage is optional, but expect my hands to get close to areas of your body that a typical massage doesn't go!

This is as much a healing treatment as it is an erotic pleasure, you will feel pure enjoyment and bliss, but at the same time fully relaxed, some describe an all over body orgasm, others may experience multiple orgasms, and some feel nothing. There is no GOAL to the massage, so just relax and try to enjoy.

For those into energy and chakra, we will work with your energy and try to breathe as one and transfer energy to each other, clearing chakras and healing. 

My service is discreet, I understand some cultures and perhaps home situations need total discretion, and I will ensure that you are kept private and confidential. 

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