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I'm nervous, what should I do?

It is normal to feel nervous about something that is unusual and new. 
There is a chat option on this website, where we can chat and talk about any concerns that you have. 
On our first session, we will begin by talking and getting to know each other.
Please know that at any time during a massage you can ask to stop or change what we are doing.

How should I prepare for my first treatment?

We will discuss in advance what is expected, but all we ask is that in the pre-assessment you discuss any concerns or medical conditions.

What should I expect from my first session?

You will be welcomed and we will begin with a conversation about what the treatment involves, where you can ask questions. You will then undress and cover yourself with a towel, and the treatment will begin. Following the treatment, you will have the opportunity to have a drink and a further conversation if you wish about what you experienced.


"Had my first tantra massage appointment Wednesday with Cardiff Tantric. So glad I booked. So much energy was stuck in my root chakra. The sensations from the massages and energy points were totally mind blowing. Towards the end of the session my body felt so in tune. I had all over pins and needles, but nice ones (hard to explain) then I could feel every cell in my body. It was pure bliss, felt like I was floating and could feel the energy/vibrations.
What I felt can normally take up to X10 sessions to achieve so I was extremely happy, don't be discouraged if you don't feel much on your first visit, as this happened to me at another appointment a few months ago somewhere else.
The room was warm & has a lovely set up over looking the water/river. PJ has such a lovely vibe to him. Can't recommend him enough! Definitely booking again soon :)"  LB