Problems and Issues that I work with regularly

You matter.

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Top Issues and problems that I work with

Below are just some of the reasons that women and couples visit me for a tantric massage or healing session.

Unable to fully relax and let go during sex

It is common for females, due to past negative experiences, in particular, to be unable to fully "let go" during sex or even foreplay. We can work on this through our meditative massage session. Click here for more information. 

Too many thoughts during sexual experiences

Similar to the above there are times when people cannot let go of their thoughts, "what is for food," "Did I lock the door," "Have I replied to that email" and other thoughts during sex is a pretty instant mood killer. Click here for more information on how I work to "treat" that.

Focussing too much on your own body image during sex.

Let me start by saying you are beautiful and you should know that regardless of anything you are unhappy about your body, tantric massage can work to help you love your own skin. Click here for more.

No | Low interest or desire in sex

Perhaps you were interested in sex previously and now harbour no such desire, or you could have never had a strong sexual libido. It is ok, working with your chakras, energy systems and treating you as a goddess will start to unleash an animal within! Click here to discover how.

Don't really enjoy sex

For any number of reasons, be it a past trauma or negative experience in a relationship, to just unfulfilled sex you could dislike sex. 

We work on you, working to find what it is that you enjoy, and have pleasure from and then work to introduce that into your sex life. Perhaps by coaching your partner, or showing you the way to explain. Click here to find out some more.

Sexual trauma or abuse

Naturally, this is something very serious and can take time and many professionals to help. 

As a qualified therapist I use counselling techniques to talk and discuss any issues, and slowly and gradually we introduce touch into the massage. Contact me today to discuss further.

Fear or anxiety over sex, pain with intercourse.

There could be a variety of reasons for feeling nervous, uncomfortable or pain during sexual intercourse. We can work on these issues by first exploring any potential medical problems, and if not, working on your mind. See here.

Religious or other reasons for no sex

Perhaps you are prevented by your religion to enjoy sexual experiences, I work with many ladies of all types to enjoy pleasure within the confines of your religion. I also am fully discreet. Learn more here.