What is a tantric massage

Let's talk about what a Tantric massage is, and is not, and how you can perform one on your lover today! #tantric #massage #howTo

What is a Tantric Massage?

Tantric or Tantra massage is more than just a naughty massage! It has deep ancient roots, usually practised by a qualified tantric professional.

It is the weaving of your sexual energy, combining your energy with your partner's energy, looming, weaving and caressing every inch of your body!

You will experience a full body massage, often but not always slow in nature, teasing your sexual energy, moving seductively around your body. Often people describe a full-body tingling and feeling similar to an orgasm, but this is not the purpose of the massage. Yes the Yoni (Vagina) or Lingam (penis) can be massaged as well, and of course, with all that build up sexual energy you will likely find that euphoric high release, but a good practitioner will actively avoid that for the most part of the massage in order to fully stimulate your energies.

The Yoni massage can be internal, or external, or simply around the Yoni itself, depending on your preferences.

You may find your practitioner asks you to hold a gaze into their eyes, breathe slowly and with purpose and meditate or chant with them.

Not the only massage to incorporate breathing and chanting, you will also find Lomi Hawaiian massage does that.

How is it different to a "happy ending"?

So I guess people hear a Yoni massage and instantly think of a Massage parlour where you get a rushed massage and then a quick play around the vagina for a stimulated release.

As someone who does tantra, I can assure you that it is nothing like the above!

How can I bring this into my relationship?

I urge couples to learn a bit about tantra, in fact, I have an online or in-person course that you can undertake to learn this, so get in touch for more info!


  • Improving the sexual stamina in the receiver

  • Improving the quality of orgasms

  • Helping to ease pain and recover from trauma

  • Providing stress relief

  • Improving sleep

  • A good step towards healing emotional blockages

  • Assisting in spiritual awakening

  • and so much more!

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