The Start of a Blog - What even is Tantra?

I decided it was time to start promoting Tantra more within #Cardiff and the wider community.

The reason for this is that recently I fell totally back in love with how Tantra made people feel! Since the Covid lockdown I was fast forgetting how using my hands and the guidance of Tantra was able to make someone leave the room with a sense of pure joy, ecstasy and love.

So for this reason I want to start promoting it more, I need people to see that Tantra is not a shameful sex act, as many have been lead to believe, but instead can be as mainstream as conventional massage and yoga!

In my very first blog post I want to talk about Tantra - What even is Tantra?!

What is Tantra?

It would be very difficult if you could find two people and ask them what Tantra is, and get the same answer!

I believe that Tantra is an ever evolving practise, but one that has now shot off in many directions, so it is not easy to actually say what it is!

What we do know, is that Tantra is a Sanskrit word, and it means "loom" or "weaving" and it can also mean a "continuous process" or "the carrying out of ceremony."

It is perhaps considered a system, a school of thought or a theory.

What we do know is that in Western culture today, it is often referred to as the spiritual practise that involved sex.

In ancient times many teachings on Tantra were perhaps written in text, in Vedas, or perhaps simply shared from guru to the disciple. Sometimes there was a promise of secrecy between parties learning, so this can maybe explain why there is no definitive answer on what Tantra is or is not, and indeed why so many people are taught in so many different ways.

Without actually being able to answer, "What is Tantra" I guess what I will discuss is how Tantra has transformed me as a person.

I started learning Tantra from somebody who had studied it in Bristol, who learnt from someone in India. But what I learnt was how Tantra can work with our bodies to create an everlasting lust for knowledge, and to find peace with ourselves and those we surround ourselves with.

It has been a practise to liberate myself from many constraints, a personal practise of liberation that continues to this day.

It sees the human body, and life on this earth as manifestations of the divine energy.

It also sees sexual experience and excitement as a taste of divine energy.

For me learning Tantra has taught me calm while meditating. Allowed me to see passed peoples outer self and make a connection to their soul through their eyes and through touch.

Allowed me to learn about myself, and build a connection with my lovers that sees me continiously learning and developing.

When I talk to my friends about Tantra, they simply ask me "Can you just have sex for hours and cum all the time then?!"

This is partly true, but also very false. Not every sexual experience needs to be hours long, and also once you experience the full body bliss that brings about a calm and stillness across your whole body, the need to ejaculate is actually diminished. I can enjoy playing and experiencing with my lover for as long as we need, and that, that right there is a true gift that Tantra has brought to me.

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