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Tantric Sequences course

Learn tantra for your relationship


Tantric Sequences Course

In this course, we will help guide you onto a spiritual path to enlightenment. You will learn how to work with your partner and connect on a level that you have never seen before!

During the day you will learn:

  • meditation sequences,

  • learn to gaze into your partner's eyes, synchronise your breathing,

  • learn to smile within,

  • learn about Chakra within the body, experience a mind-blowing method of connecting through  Earth, Fire, Air and Water

  • Learn about Tantric Massage

  • Discuss or experience Yoni and Lingham massage

  • Learn about tantric sex 

This course costs £250 per person and we invite you as a couple, whether you are in a relationship, a friendship or anything else. 

You will see all the sequences played out and be invited to partake within your own couple groups at the end of the day, but no participation is required. 

Enquire now for dates or to add yourself to the waiting list.